Topics at R-21


The production industry has a vast experience in robotics and application and is therefore further ahead with technologies and solutions than many other industries. Robots can increase productivity and reduce production costs, and this leads to companies being able to keep their domestic production.

Taking a closer look at the production industry, robots are being used in areas such as management, welding, processing, surface treatment, fitting, quality control and packaging.

Are you working in production? At R-21 you can experience technology that is useful for your specific needs. Experts are ready with advice and guidance in implementation. Meet others from your industry and exchange experiences – benefit from each other’s know-how.

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Construction is one of the newer industries in robotics and automation. This industry has a massive amount of untapped potential and visiting R-21 is therefore imperative for professionals such as contractors, master carpenters, master builders, architects, engineers, public developers, operating companies, advisers, investors, project managers, facility managers, material suppliers, material producers, rental companies and more.

Solutions using robots, drones or automation can be used through an entire construction process – before construction, during construction and after construction. At the robotics event professionals will be able to consult with experts on how to add robots to their specific work processes.

The industry already benefits from using robots in specialized assignments such as the cropping of EPS, PUR, foam materials, wood and aluminum. Furthermore, you will find robots, automation and drones being used in a wide range of assignments like surface treatment, tile production, building inspections and more. Many of the solutions are designed to reduce physical disabilities.

Experience the exclusive conference program with focus on construction!

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Agriculture is also on the list of newer industries being introduced to robots and drones. Albeit, the industry widely uses technology such as driverless macro robots, various systems for inspection, milking robots and more.

There is massive potential in streamlining time-consuming and expensive tasks and also many of the strenuous physical tasks in agriculture. At R-21 you will find the solutions available today and get inspired by other farms and the technology they have added to their business with success.

Experience the exclusive conference program with focus on agriculture!

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Robots and automation have their place in the food industry too. Here you will find solutions and technology in areas such as processing, quality control, packaging and palletizing.

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Robots for Hospitals

At a hospital you will come across many different types of robots. R-21 will focus mainly on solutions such as operations, performance, logistics and other more practical options. There is a vast amount of untapped potential for robots, automation and drones in this business.

Working at a hospital, R-21 is the perfect place for you to get inspired by other hospitals and the solutions they have benefitted from. Find inspiration in their experiences with automation of various processes and enter into dialogues with developers and integrators who can help you get started with optimizing your own processes.

Experience the exclusive conference program with focus on Robots for Hospitals!

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So, you found the perfect solutions in robots, automation or drones – how can you be sure that everything will go according to plan? Implementation at R-21 is a key factor in making sure that your solutions will have an optimum effect on your business.

This is one of the main reasons that R-21 has a strong focus on implementation. At the fair you can gain knowledge about various technologies and receive guidance in which solutions that will fit your needs – and how to get started using them. The goal is to ensure your business a successful implementation, whether you are using robots, drones or automation.

You will also benefit from the experiences of other companies. Learn more about how to motivate your employees to make sure they are on board with using technology in their everyday work life. You will also get the hang of important issues such as finances, standards, security and so much more.

Experience the exclusive conference program with focus on implementation!

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